Winter 2016-17

Capacity: project manager, developmental editor, and copy editor. iPad For Seniors For Dummies was copy edited by Kathy Simpson. I also coordinate most aspects of the production process.

GoPro FDGoPro Cameras For Dummies is the perfect companion for the amateur photographer just starting out with a GoPro camera. Author John Carucci shows readers the ins and outs of capturing images by land, by sea (and swimming pool), and by drone. He also shows readers the basics of editing their photos with GoPro’s desktop software.

iPad FS FDiPad For Seniors For Dummies is printed in a larger than usual font and features full-color photos to help seniors get the most benefit from the book. iPad For Seniors For Dummies covers the basics of using a new (or new-to-you) iPad. Author Jesse Feiler shows readers how to do just about everything you’d need to do to get started using your iPad.

sketchup FDSketchUp For Dummies is a full-color book with plenty of illustratios to explain the intricacies of computer modeling with SketchUp.  SketchUp product director Aidan Chopra and co-author Rebecca Huehls show readers how to create buildings and components, alter the appearance of a model, and tour designs via SketchUp.

About Colleen Diamond

I was one of the good kids. Still am.
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