I spent my twenties and thirties, and some (most) of my forties, editing books about how to do stuff. The books were, mostly, in the For Dummies series.

I edited books that showed how to drink the best wine in the right way, throw elaborate dinner parties for the perfect table (seats seven), and swing a golf club without looking like a capital-A Amateur. In my twenty-five years working as a book editor, I’ve edited and ghost-written roughly 200 how-to books about consumer and technology topics at the user and enterprise level.

Each project benefited from careful collaboration across our author and editorial teams, and I couldn’t be prouder of the end result.

Published Works
I’m especially proud of the following books, which won or were nominated for various book awards. You can find descriptions and Amazon affiliate links for my most recent book projects  on the Book Projects page of this website:

I’ve written for a variety of tech companies, including IBM, Avaya, and SMART Technologies. I’ve also written some trade books:

I also did a three-year stint as senior and managing editor for the publishing division of a civil engineering software company. In three years, my small team produced three fully peer-reviewed, graphic-intensive, 800-page textbooks about hydraulics and hydrology, and one software guide.

How to Connect With Me
You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter (links are in the sidebar). Sign up to receive updates when I update the Book Projects page. And of course, feel free to query me at colleen@colleendiamond.me with your ideas for possible collaboration.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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