Need a Book Editor? Here’s How I Can Help

I write and edit book-length projects for corporate and independent clients. If your manuscript isn’t quite ready for editing, I often can supply a manuscript evaluation to help focus your rewrite. I also pitch in on articles, blog posts, and other web publications. If you’re unsure whether I can help with your project, send me an email ( and we’ll talk. If we’re not a match, I usually can suggest next-steps or suggest another freelancer who may be a better fit.

Developmental Editing

This type of editing addresses
“big picture” content and structural issues. We’ll review your table of contents, improve your chapters’ interior organization, and make sure your writing meets the needs of your intended audience. We may also brainstorm about design and graphic elements that will enhance the clarity and appeal of your presentation.

Line Editing

Line editing addresses clarity and structural issues at the section and paragraph level. We’ll establish and implement style conventions. I will ensure that all terms that might be new to your audience are defined and that unnecessary jargon is replaced with plain terminology.


Copyediting addresses the grammar, spelling, and clarity of your sentences. My preferred professional style guide for book-length manuscripts is The Chicago Manual of Style. I use other style guides as requested.


Colleen edited several of my books, which is no surprise: I’ve specifically requested her for the job. She’s thorough, making sure each book meets its deadline. Yet, she brings everything together with such finesse that I never feel any stress. I recommend her highly as a project editor.

Andy Rathbone, author of Windows 10 For Dummies

Colleen was the project editor for the third edition of Genetics For Dummies. Her attention to detail and organization made the process go smoothly from beginning to end. In addition, Colleen’s insight and ability to work with complex information were invaluable, and her enthusiasm for the project helped ensure that the final product would be the best possible. I would love to work with Colleen again!

Lisa Cushman Spock, PhD, CGC, coauthor of Genetics For Dummies, 3rd Edition

As project editor, Colleen has guided several of my books into safe waters, including the bestselling MacBook For Dummies. She brings an invaluable set of skills to every task: the ability to organize and prioritize, exceptional attention to detail, timely communications and concise editing. Her suggestions have improved the quality of my books with every edition, and she’s a delightful person to work with as well! Colleen has my strongest recommendation, no matter the size or complexity of the material.

Mark L. Chambers, author of MacBook For Dummies, iMac For Dummies, and Macs For Seniors


Colleen Diamond is an award-winning freelance book editor based in Connecticut.

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