I have worked in-house and as a freelancer for the following publishers:

  • John Wiley & Sons (formerly IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.)
    Senior Project Editor, Project Manager, and Editorial Manager
  • Penguin Random House (formerly Penguin)
    Contributing author
  • Bentley Systems (formerly Haestad Methods, Inc.)
    Senior Editor and Managing Editor
  • Pearson (formerly Macmillan Computer Publishing)
    Production Editor and Copy Editor


Colleen edited several of my books, which is no surprise: I’ve specifically requested her for the job. She’s thorough, making sure each book meets its deadline. Yet, she brings everything together with such finesse that I never feel any stress. I recommend her highly as a project editor.

—Andy Rathbone, author of Windows 10 For Dummies, all editions


As project editor, Colleen has guided several of my books into safe waters, including the bestselling MacBook For Dummies. She brings an invaluable set of skills to every task: the ability to organize and prioritize, exceptional attention to detail, timely communications and concise editing. Her suggestions have improved the quality of my books with every edition, and she’s a delightful person to work with as well! Colleen has my strongest recommendation, no matter the size or complexity of the material.

Mark Chambers, author of MacBook For Dummies, all editions

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