I’ve written about 10 custom and trade For Dummies books, one Complete Idiot’s Guide book, and an instructional guide for AmberAlert.com. I’ve edited many more books — more than 200 altogether. Listed below are some of my favorites and my most recent For Dummies projects.

Award-winning Books

I’m especially proud of the following books, which won or were nominated for various book awards. You can find descriptions and Amazon affiliate links for my most recent book projects  on the Book Projects page of this website:

Health and lifestyle books

In addition to writing custom publications for a variety of tech companies (including IBM, Avaya, and SMART Technologies), I’ve written some health and lifestyle books:


I also did a three-year stint as senior and managing editor for the publishing division of a civil engineering software company. In three years, my small team produced three fully peer-reviewed, graphic-intensive, 800-page textbooks about hydraulics and hydrology, and one software guide.

Other For Dummies books

For the following books, I worked as project manager, developmental editor, and copyeditor. I also coordinated most aspects of the production process.

Genetics For Dummies, 3rd Edition, by Tara Rodden Robinson, PhD, and Lisa Cushman Spock, PhD, CGC

MacBook For Dummies and Macs For Seniors, 4th Edition, by Mark L. Chambers

Windows 10 For Dummies by Andy Rathbone

Facebook For Dummies, 7th Edition, by Carolyn Abrams

The IBM Cloud Adoption Playbook, published by IBM and John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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