Book Projects

I’ve written about ten custom and trade For Dummies books, one Complete Idiot’s Guide book, and an instructional guide for I’ve edited many more books — more than 200 altogether. Listed below are some of my favorites and my most recent For Dummies projects.

Award-winning books

I’m especially proud of the following books, which won or were nominated for various book awards. You can find descriptions and Amazon affiliate links for my most recent book projects  on the Book Projects page of this website:

Health and lifestyle books

In addition to writing custom publications for a variety of tech companies (including IBM, Avaya, and SMART Technologies), I’ve written some health and lifestyle books:


I also did a three-year stint as senior and managing editor for the publishing division of a civil engineering software company. In three years, my small team produced three fully peer-reviewed, graphic-intensive, 800-page textbooks about hydraulics and hydrology, and one software guide.

Other For Dummies books

For the following books, I worked as project manager, developmental editor, and copy editor. I also coordinated most aspects of the production process.

Windows 10 For Dummies

windows-10-for-dummies-2eWindows 10 For Dummies is a great primer on Windows 10, covering everything from the essentials to the fun stuff, including how to organize your digital photos, connect to a printer, and store files on the cloud. You get the basics for using Windows 10 on a desktop and on a tablet, too. If you’re new to Windows, or new to Windows 10, this is a book you really shouldn’t be without.

Windows 10 For Seniors For Dummies

windows-10-for-seniors-for-dummies-2eWindows 10 For Seniors For Dummies covers the essentials and the fun stuff, too, but it covers these topics while showing seniors some ways to get the most out of the software. The book covers getting started with Windows 10; Windows 10 and the Web; having fun with photos, music, and apps; maintaining your system and files; backing up your computer; and connecting to a printer.

Facebook For Dummies

Facebook FDFacebook For Dummies, 7th edition, by Carolyn Abram and Amy Karasavas, helps readers navigate all aspects of the Facebook experience. Carolyn and Amy, former Facebook employees, walk readers through everything from setting up an account to managing tricky privacy settings. The book has much to offer both the personal and business Facebook user. It’s a good one to read through cover to cover, and then keep on hand to refer to as you work (or play!) with Facebook.

MacBook For Dummies

MacBook FD 6eMacBook For Dummies, 7th edition, is a great primer for anyone new to the MacBook or upgrading to the newest version. Mark Chambers provides all the information you didn’t think you needed until you totally need it such as how to back up your data and connect wireless devices to your MacBook. You see how to work with High Sierra, Apple’s newest version of macOS. Mark shows you how to get the most from your MacBook at work, at home, and on the road. He details how to work with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. He also overs the fun stuff like iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. Just be warned: After reading this book, you will want a new MacBook. Mark’s enthusiasm for “all things Mac” is contagious, and MacBook is, as always, impressive. This book is a fun read.

The Internet For Dummies

The Internet For Dummies 14eThe Internet For Dummies, 14th edition, by John R. Levine and Margaret Levine Young, is the 14th edition of one of my favorite For Dummies franchises. The Internet For Dummies helps readers get connected to the Internet, pick the web browser that works best for them, set up email, join social media sites, and stream music and video on their PC or mobile device. The book covers the practical and fun uses for the Internet.

Minecraft For Dummies

Minecraft For DummiesMinecraft For Dummies, by Jesse Stay, Thomas Stay, and Jacob Cordeiro, covers all you need to know to get up and running with the popular game Minecraft. Readers learn how to survive their first night, mine, cook, defeat mobs, build redstone contraptions, and much more. This is a full-color book with loads of great art.